Market View

People who are cut out for marketing

2011/11/28 Monday
fromTTKeiichi Komaki - Account Director
College graduates will start looking for jobs soon, so recently many students have been asking us to describe our job. I always try to meet with them whenever possible, but there is one question they often ask which frustrates me.
That question is “who is suitable for this job?”

As you know, marketing and public relations jobs do not require special credentials. Furthermore, there are no examinations, so it could be said that anyone is suitable for these jobs. Of course, companies are looking for people who are independent and have excellent communication skills, but I feel like these are not always required.

I saw some very interesting research which was conducted by Dunkin' Donuts of America and the job search website “Career builder” during National Coffee Day. According to the research, people involved in marketing and public relations are the second largest consumers of coffee among all careers. The number one consumers are scientists/researchers.

I remember that coffee has the effects of relieving fatigue and reducing sleepiness. Based on this, people involved in marketing and public relations are people who are required to be able to work for long periods of time (and thus need coffee) so therefore are also people who are capable of consuming lots of coffee.

To those who work in marketing and public relations, what do you think about this? I feel it is not entirely incorrect…