Site Policy

Thank you for accessing the website of TrainTracks Inc. (hereafter “the company”). The operational objective of this site is to provide a company overview and showcase information on the services that the company provides. All visitors are required to agree to the conditions provided below in order to use this site. As the conditions are subject to change, please check back regularly.

  1. Regarding copyright and other ownership rights

    The rights to all content displayed on this site either owned by the company, or the company has obtained usage permission by the author or owner of the content. The company prohibits the reproduction or reprinting of any content on this site without prior approval.

  2. Disclaimer

    While the company has applied all possible diligence to the information displayed on this site, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of all published content. The company does not assume any responsibility for damage caused by usage of this site to the user. Please be aware that all information on this site is subject to change without prior notice.

  3. Regarding links

    If you wish to link to this site, please inform the company of the linking website URL, website administrator name and contact email address, before creating the link. Finally, please be aware that such requests can be declined due to the linking website content or the type of linking process.

Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

  1. Business name and officer responsible for the safeguarding of personal information

    TrainTracks Inc. (the “Company”)
    Privacy Protection Policy Officer: Yukiko Harada

  2. Purposes for Which Personal Information is Collected

    The reasons why the Company may collect and use personal information are as follows:

    • When received from inquiries made, personal information received upon visiting the Company’s offices; requests for materials; in order to respond to opinions, requests, inquiries and requests for materials; and for the management of such records.
    • From attendees at seminars the Company provides in order to manage the attendance at such events.
    • From campaigns the Company holds personal information received from participants in order to deliver prizes, manage the campaign and contact participants regarding the campaign.
    • From work commissioned from the Company personal information entrusted with the Company in order to perform duties required under contract.
    • Except when the Company has received a request from the individual or entity to disclose such information, or when legally required to do so, the Company will only disclose such information for the purposes stated and only then to the minimum extent necessary to fulfill that purpose.
    • From online registrations to our email newsletter and only for the purposes of delivering the newsletter and not for any other purposes.
  3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

    Personal information will no be provided to third parties.

  4. Commissioning the Handling of Personal Information

    None of the personal information we collect in whole or in part other than for the purposes stated above shall be managed by outside parties.

  5. The Disclosure of Personal Information

    The Company will respond to requests made from individuals to disclose, correct, add, or delete their own personal information that comply with the following procedure:

    1. (1) Requests shall include the following information (any format)
      • Date of request
      • Mailing address
      • Name
      • Telephone number
      • Fax number
      • E-mail address
    2. (2) The Company must confirm the identity of the person making the request is the actual subject of the personal information.
    3. (3) If through an agent then in addition to (2) above a power of attorney or agency agreement must also be provided.
    4. (4) In certain circumstances handling fees may be required.
  6. Notice on the Submission of Personal Information

    Please note that while the provision of any personal information is voluntary, that if certain information required in order to provide services is not entered or entered incorrectly it may interfere with the Company’s ability to provide services efficiently and effectively.

  7. Collection of Personal Information from Non-Easily-Recognizable Methods

    The Company does not collect personal information via non-easily-recognizable methods like cookies or web beacons.

  8. Safeguarding of Personal Information

    The Company takes all necessary steps in order to safeguard against the leak, loss or destruction of personal information. After responding to requests made any personal information collected in order to respond to such request is deleted.
    This site uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption measures.

  9. Privacy Policy

    Please refer to the privacy policy on our website.

Contact Information

TrainTracks Inc.
Privacy Protection Policy Officer: Yukiko Harada
1-41-7-1002 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 151-0063
TEL: +81-3-5738-4177
Web inquiries can be made here.
Hours for telephone inquiry:
Monday – Friday 10:00 -19:00(closed from 12:00-13:00)